Soldering rods

varillas Soldering rods can be classified into three groups depending on the compounding metals:

  • Phosphorous Copper. It is used for soldering copper water and heating pipesand gas conductions.  With 5% silver it is used in industry for copper, brass and especially in air conditioning, refrigeration and plumbing, always given that the temperature is not a limitation. It should not be used for ferrous materials.
  • Silver.  A higher content in silver gives the alloy the quality to be more fluid and and an increased capillarity. As a general rule we could say that for the indicated silver contents, the applications are:
    • 20% Silver: Soldering Copper, Brass, Iron, Steels and Nickel
    • 30% Silver: Soldering Copper, Brass, Iron, Steels, Nickel and Stainless Steel
    • 40% Silver: Soldering Copper, Brass, Iron, Steels, Nickel, Stainless Steel and hard metal (Cutting tools)
  • Brass. As a carrier or filler metal, thanks to its great joint strength of approximately 39Kg/mm2, is recommended for unions in iron and its alloys when no great fluidity is needed.
To know the characteristics of each product, please check the catalogue.