Decap 93® is pursuing its goal of providing solutions to the installers in the fields of plumbing, heating, air conditioning and solar energy since 1985. Based on its extensive knowledge of the market, our company created numerous soldering fluxes before the launch of our most known product : Decagel Pincel®, the first flux for welding copper appeared in the European market.

Our growth was progressive and based on a fundamental principle: to expand our range of products, while maintaining our commitment to quality with our customers.

In 1998, Decap 93® moved to its current location at Gavà, with a larger surface for the manufacturing and packaging of all our products: fluxes, alloys for soldering, welding rods, elements for heat protection and auxiliary products to installation and repair .

Throughout the years, we have always wanted to demonstrate our commitment to quality, obtaining certifications from major global certification bodies such as DVGW, ETA, etc.